Aberdare town improvements

Making improvements to Aberdare town

It is great to be able to be out and about in Aberdare town again. The support and enthusiasm shown by our levy members, business owners and members of the community really is appreciated as we start to get our projects for improvement underway.

The delays owing to the pandemic have been extremely unfortunate, however we have continued to work in the background working towards our 4 pledges:

  1. Look & Feel
  2. Marketing & Events
  3. Information & Communication
  4. Access & Parking

We have started work on an initial 18 month plan to take us through to Spring 2022 to improve Aberdare town and help to increase footfall.

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Look & Feel

Locations throughout our town, including Canon Street, Commercial Street, Market Street, Cardiff Street and Victoria Square have been identified for the installation of large planters to display vibrant flowers. Helping to give our town some much-needed kerb appeal. We need to attract shoppers, visitors and equally as important, potential new business owners.

We are working with the council’s prosperity and development team to enable the placement of attractive ‘Welcome to Aberdare‘ signs at each of the entrance/exit roads within Aberdare town.

Empty properties need to be accessed to allow for vinyls/window coverings to be placed with simple, attractive images of ‘mock’ shops. We are working with the council who will make contact with private landlords asking if we can improve the look of their empty shop window.

We will investigate options and potential solutions to provide fixed coverings to protect visitors from the elements, in areas of the town that best need them. In addition, we will continue to identify any waste ground areas that could be brought back into use for the whole community.

Marketing & Events

Marketing and promoting our town is key to attracting shoppers, visitors and new business owners. We have been in communication with local businesses and specialists to enable effective ways to shout about Aberdare town and what we have to offer.

When restrictions are lifted, much-needed events can be planned and we look forward to working with other local organisations to help weave a multitude of events into the promotion of the use of our town. We will create a calendar of events for all to share.

Informative flyers and other printed material will be distributed to residents, at other local attractions and at transport hubs to promote our town and events.

Weather! As we don’t have constant sunshine and warmth in the Cynon valley, we need to be prepared for wet weather. That is why we will invest in portable canvas covers that can be put up in Commercial Street and Market street, and other areas if needed when events are being held.

Training workshops for our levy members will provide them with the tools needed to help their business succeed. Be that social media, hospitality, well-being/return to work, community wealth building, zero waste, etc, or any training that is relevant to help run their business. We have contacts at Business Wales and the council’s Staying Well at Work team to provide advice and guidance.

A loyalty scheme is a great way to help encourage shoppers to buy from shops and services providers in Aberdare town. Such schemes can help to complement existing ‘bricks and mortar’ shopping, and/or increase online orders for click & collect/delivery. Ideas and suggestions for this are being put forward, so feel free to let us know of any tried and tested schemes!

Information & Communication

We represent our levy members to be a ‘stronger voice‘ at various meetings with our Member of Parliament, Member of Senedd and RCT Council, lobbying and providing feedback about the obstacles encountered running or starting a small business.

In addition to being awarded £25,000 from Pen y Cymoedd’s Vision Fund, we continue to apply for additional funding to support our vision for town improvements. Our Aberdare BID helps signpost new and existing businesses towards the advice and grant funding that is available to help businesses succeed.

Other ambitious plans within our 5-year project, include developing an Aberdare hub which would act as an office base for the town. The hub will be a co-working space to generate a vibrant and forward-looking new business centre. Electric vehicle charging points within Aberdare town are also in our plan, Valleys Regional Parks are assisting on this and other greening initiatives. RCT council also have a current campaign regarding climate change.

Our Aberdare business improvement district BID footfall customers projects INFORMATION COMMUNICATION MARKETING PROMOTION
Our Aberdare business improvement district BID footfall customers projects PEN Y CYMOEDD LOGO

Access & Parking

We actively listen to our levy members and shoppers to collate feedback regarding traffic problems, parking and disability issues affecting the town, enabling us to lobby effectively.

Throughout most towns in RCT, there is free parking for shoppers and visitors. In Aberdare, we have to pay. Our Aberdare BID believes that this is unfair and are challenging this status on your behalf.

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Our Aberdare BID is currently made up of 6 board members (2 of which are directors of Our Aberdare Limited), and one part time BID manager. All board members give up their free time to help make decisions on projects at meetings held approximately every 6 weeks.

Our annual general meeting will be held near the end of 2021 where board members will be appointed/re-appointed.

Our Aberdare business improvement district BID footfall customers projects TEAM PEN Y CYMOEDD VISION FUND AWARD £25K

If you would like to become involved in any of our projects, please contact Dawn.

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