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Empty Units
Several private property owners have given their permission for us to put up attractive window coverings in their empty properties.We have received quotes from local printers to provide vinyl coverings and we are due to meet with local artists/photographers to explore alternatives.Please get in touch if you have an idea so that we can improve the look of these empty properties ASAP!
We are still waiting for an update from RCTCBC regarding the installation of large planters to move this project along and give Aberdare town some much needed kerb-appeal.

We are also working with the council to find out where welcome signs witihin town can be placed.


Promoting our levy members, our town and what we have to offer shoppers, visitors and tourists is vital!

We are working with an Aberdare based marketing specialist who is putting together a plan to ensure that we promote all that our lovely town has to offer AND to ensure that we can shout about our levy members’ shops, businesses, products and services to attract people to town.

Flyers and other promotional products are being worked on to spread the word further to support our town and take advantage of tourism in the area.

Therefore, please do have your say with the RCTCBC draft tourism strategy consultation!

The BID is also now eligible for the fully funded Government Kickstart scheme and so we’re at the start of the process to create job descriptions and we’ll be advertising part time vacancies for 6 month placements later next month. This will greatly assist with the marketing and promotion of the BID and will also help with research for further grant funding.

Your business could be eligible for the Kickstart scheme!

Great feedback so far thank you! We’re still yet to hear from more of our levy members, so please fill out our short survey, so that we know we’re developing training that you won’t want to yawn at!

BID levy members! What other training workshops will help you?



We have been working with The Wales Cooperative Centre this week on a partnership funding application in line with our ‘Aberdare hub’ project. We are applying for The Community Renewal Fund that is part of the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund.

As well as the training workshops we’re working on, we are also in communication with Business Wales to see how their support services can help levy members.

Have you used Business Wales before? If so, please let me know about how they helped your business.

We also met with Father Robert and team to see developments at St Elvan’s church which is turning into a great space for all to use.

Another hub taking shape for the whole community to use is Age Connects Morgannwg’s ‘Cynon Linc‘ building in Seymour Street. They currently have a vacancy for a ‘Hub Manager’ – the application deadline is 21 June 2021.

Funding and business support info

Want to apply for Valleys Startup of the Year? Or want to nominate someone? Check out Wales Start-Up Awards 2021.

RCTCBC draft tourism strategy consultation – Aberdare town can take advantage of tourism in the area – please have your say!

Town Centre Forum meetings will be starting up again soon – Have you attended meetings in the past?

Public Space Protection Order -Traders are invited to respond to RCTCBC’s consultation regarding intoxicating substances.

BID levy members Encourage a fellow trader to complete our short survey!


We received disappointing news in response to our objection letter to RCTCBC’s press release regarding parking changes ahead of their objection deadline on Thursday 20 May 2021.

We do, however have the support from our MS, Vikki Howells on this matter and we will continue to lobby on our levy members behalf for better parking.

Read Our Aberdare BID’s objection letter
Read RCTCBC’s response letter


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We will share Facebook posts, Instagram re-posts and re-tweets as soon as we can.

Please let me know if there is other information you’d like to know about.

We have more social distancing stickers printed for our levy members, if you need more – please email me.

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